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We are redefining the beef industry's future, one steak at a time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you source your beef?

Our beef comes from 100% United States raised beef from local Utah ranchers.

Is your beef grass-fed?

Our beef is grass-fed, but not grass-finished. We source our beef from local ranchers in Utah.

Does your beef have additives or dyes?

No, never. Our beef is 100% beef and sourced from 100% United States ranches.

Do you age your cuts?

We typically age our cuts up to 14 days to ensure tenderness of meat.

What is the fat percentage of the ground beef?

All of our ground beef in our bundle is 80/20, so 20% fat.

What steaks are included in the variety box?

Steak cuts vary between Ribeye, New York, and Sirloin. The variety box will include 4 total steaks.

Buy Bulk Beef

Stock your freezers with Utah beef. All of the cattle we source are from local ranchers and processed and aged for 14 days at our facility in Richfield, UT.

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